Upcoming Worship Services

Join us on Sundays at 9:30am and 11:00am




“Growing in Spirit”

Rev. Bruce Beisner and Director of Lifespan Religious Education Patti Withers will be joined by our children and youth for this special worship service to celebrate all the ways we have been learning about   ourselves, our Unitarian Universalist principles and our lives together this year here at BAUUC. A Congregational Meeting will follow the 11:00am worship service on May 21.



“Living Hope” – guest speaker Pancho Argüelles

We are pleased to welcome Pancho Argüelles to our pulpit. Mr. Argüelles serves as Executive Director of the Living Hope Wheelchair Association. He will share with us some stories of the many ways his organization serves the unique needs of those living with spinal cord injuries and limited mobility, especially within immigrant communities here in greater Houston.



“Alternative Facts” – Rev. Bruce Beisner

Much has been made of the use of the phrase “alternative facts” by some in our government. There is no doubt that it is unwise to ignore the finding of science and reason.  The facts are the facts.  But for something to be “true” does it always have to be factual? Can there be meaning and inspiration to be found in stories and ideas that have no rational or historical basis?



“Unitarian Universalist Salvation” – Rev. Bruce Beisner

Some religious communities offer people salvation, escape from eternal punishment, and the promise of a continued life after death. Unitarian Universalists different minds about these big theological questions and often say we focus more on this life than the next. So what is the “good news” or the “saving grace” that we have to offer those who come through the doors of our church?



“Sanctuary Streets” - guest speaker: Raul Alcaraz Ochoa

As deportations and harassment of immigrants increase in Houston, efforts are underway to create a grassroots network of individuals and groups trained to witness, report and resist these actions. Our guest speaker from the group LaUnidad 11, will share with us how a coalition of Houston-area organizations is coming together to promote respect for human rights and the dignity of all people.



 “LIVE from Unitarian Universalist General Assembly”

ONE SERVICE ONLY starting at 9:00AM

Via the magic of streaming online video, we will join thousands of UUs from across the nation as they worship together at the Unitarian Universalist Association’s General Assembly in New Orleans. Come and watch the largest annual gathering of UUs and hear some of the most talented ministers and musicians within our movement. We will have one service only on June 25 starting at 9:00am.


Families gather together in our sanctuary for the first portion of the Sunday morning worship service. Following the Story for All Ages, our children go to religious education activities. Our services on May 21 will be for all ages with children and youth remaining in the sanctuary with their families for the entire services. Childcare is available in our nursery for infants and toddlers every Sunday morning.