Upcoming Worship Services

Join us on Sundays at 9:30am and 11:00am




 “Leadership” - Patti Withers, Director of Lifespan Religious Education

Using Daniel Pinkwater’s “The Big Orange Splot” as a guide, we will discuss leadership, how one becomes a leader, and how to develop leadership skills.  Our services on February 26 will be multi-generational and intended for all ages.



“The Power of the Pause” - Rev. Bruce Beisner

We so often think of religion in theological, intellectual and emotional terms. But might our spirituality really be most truly found in our experiences of awe and wonder and that sense of connection which is beyond words and feelings. Bruce will explore the experiential approach to religion found in the works of German theologian Frederick Schleiermacher and modern UU teacher Thandeka.


“A Home for All” - Rev. Bruce Beisner

Jesus was once asked which of all the commandments was the greatest. He replied “Love thy neighbor.” Today our neighbors are refugees and immigrants who are being turned away. Our neighbors are homeless families trying to rebuild their lives. We’ll talk about our calling as a church community to live out our values of care and compassion and ways that we are coming together with other religious people to follow that greatest commandment.  Our services on March 12 will feature special music from Bay Area Unity Church band.  A Congregational Meeting will following the 11:00am service on March 12.



“Webbed Crusaders” - Rev. Bruce Beisner

Unitarian Universalists don’t worship by bowing down or submitting. We celebrate our ability to imagine and create a better world and form our own beliefs based on reason and experience. Yet, perhaps the time has come for us to find some humility and strive to more fully recognize our dependence on the natural world for our living. Our planet needs our reverence and care. We will have Share the Plate Offering to support the Armand Bayou Nature Center. An All-Church Lunch will follow the 11:00am service on March 19.



“The P Word- Politics”  - Rev. Bruce Beisner

As we witness to the world about our religious values and act as responsible citizens to advocate for public policies which respect the worth of all people and protect our environment, are we being political?  It’s a question that comes up more and more these days as concerns about threats to our democracy intensify. Rev. Bruce will share his understandings of the balance between respect and resistance and the motivations for the social justice work we commit ourselves to.


Families gather together in our sanctuary for the first portion of the Sunday morning worship service. Following the Story for All Ages, our children go to religious education activities. Our services on February 26 will be for all ages with children and youth remaining in the sanctuary with their families for the entire services. Childcare is available in our nursery for infants and toddlers every Sunday morning.