UU Voice for Justice

Bay Area UU Church is proud to be an active part of the new UU Voice for Justice of Greater Houston.

The Unitarian Universalist Voice for Justice of Greater Houston (UUV4J) is a network of Unitarian Universalist clergy and lay people from Houston-area congregations who want others to know of our long-standing and unique liberal religious voice. We stand clearly for: equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people; access to health care for women and reproductive justice; and and the freedom of religious communities to worship in peace in their own tradition without condemnation or abuse. 

The UUVJ4 Rapid Response Network is organizing Unitarian Universalists in our city and area to quickly and effectively respond to injustice when it occurs through public witness rallies and other events. Text alerts and emails inform our members of these events as they are planned. The UUV4J Leadership Team will call actions as they are needed.  

To join this important and exciting effort, simply attend a Public Witness Training Session and then sign up to receive alerts. Training sessions are scheduled each quarter here at Bay Area UU Church or at one of our neighboring UU congregations.


For more information on UUV4J, visit

Website: www.uuhouston.org/uuv4j

Facebook page: Unitarian-Universalist-Voice-for-Justice-of-Greater-Houston 

 Twitter: UUV4J